Friday, 17 May 2013

Labour unions

This project is about labour unions in Málaga. Antonio, Miguel, Sofia and Paula (from Spain) did it to show it to the students when they come to Málaga.

Arianna and Giovanni's experience

Hello! Thanks to our friends Ari and Giovanni, you can see their experience in our blog.

Comenius mural at Huelin

We would like to share this photo with you. This is a picture about our Comenius project. It has been taken in our High School. It is a big mural where all of us, that is, the students from Comenius are putting the photos of our trips. In this picture you can see some photos of Stratford, Palermo, Tampere and Málaga.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Found raising activities

We have been raising money for some charities, and still we are getting money yet!

These are the activities that we did to raise money for the NGOs:
- Carnival Party
- Football Tournament
- Tablet Raffles
- Concert

We have gotten the big amount of 1531€!

During the week when the foreign students were in Málaga we played some games. The winner team have chosen the NGO that we would give the money. In this case, the NGO winner was ... CARCER RESEARCH! Congratulations :)

Cancer research get 40%
Unicef gets 30%
WWF gets 20%
Doctors without borders gets 10%

Video about Tampere

It's a special video about Tampere. We are all together in a frozen lake.


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Alfonso and Lucia's experience

Hi! Here you can you see our friends Alfonso and Lucia's experiences when they went to Stratford.