Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The last rehearsal!

Tonight we have been talking about our ideas and we have used Skype. Here you have a photo about this event.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Our bedrooms

These are our bedrooms. Here is where the foreign students will sleep if they come to our houses. 

Nuria's bedroom!

Maria's bedroom!

Livia's bedroom!

We hope you like them!

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Job opportunities for young people

The following topic is about job opportunities for young people. Our idea is to inform young people how to find a job in Málaga if they are between sixteen and eighteen. We are going to do an interview to people who are related to the working environment. For example, people from CCOO, UGT, CGT, SAE and more.
It can be possible because we know these people. The interview is made of several questions like: Do you need any kind of permission of your parents? How many days off have you got in a week? This interview will be uploaded in our blog in English and Spanish because we want the foreign students to learn some of our language. 

Saturday, 22 September 2012

The promotion of the city for visitors

Our second idea is about the promotion of the city for visitors. It consists of making a route by bicycle visiting the most important places of Málaga. Each person will have a map with several marked places where they have to go, and a list with the tasks they must do in each place. For example: you must take a photo eating a sardine in a seafood restaurant. And our last stop will be in the Alcazaba at night where the legends will come back to life in a performance played by the students of our class. 

Volunteering opportunities for young people

Our first idea is about leisure and volunteering opportunities for young people. Well, we have thought that in our free time we can go to the hospital to entertain sick children and make them happy, playing with them, singing, doing small plays, telling stories, dressing up, … And we can't forget either about old people as need help, as well.

That's the way we're!

I'm Nuria, but for them Nuridi. I'm fifteen, but in two days, I will be sixteen. I like spaghetti, animals and going skating with friends. Thanks to me we never got bored because I have all the games of the world. 
I'm María, but for them Maridi. I'm also fifteen, and I'm the youngest of us. My eyes are very very big, and I look like a lion due to the hair. When I was six, I started to dance and I'm going to do my level dance exam in November. I always eat bananas in the snack. Our friends like touching my cheeks.
I'm Livia, Lividu for them, and i'm the one of us that is sixteen. I play violin since I was six. I have a nervy dog that always growls them. I don't like chocolate but I love lemon. I know how to imitate animals, and I do very well seagull.

And we also have some characteristics in common. The three of us are originals and we love making new ideas and participating in projects like this. We are very funny and ‘The Werewolves of Millers Hollow’ is one of our favourite games. We are shies with people who we don’t know but with our friends and the family we are crazies and naturals. And one of the things that we like is singing in the middle of the streets while we take a long walk.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Hi! We are inaugurating our blog :)

We are three girls from Málaga, Spain. We have created this blog to show you our work about Comenius' 2012-2014. Comenius is an exchanging project between six countries: England (Truro and Stratford), Italy (Palermo), Finland (Tampere), Germany (Achim), Poland (Gorowo) and Spain (Málaga). Some of the aims of this projects are: to learn how to defend ourselves in a foreing country, to go away from our daily lives, to visit new places, to life new experiences, to know about the customs of other countries and, the most important aims are ... to make new friends, to practice our English and of course to expend a great time!!