Friday, 17 May 2013

Comenius mural at Huelin

We would like to share this photo with you. This is a picture about our Comenius project. It has been taken in our High School. It is a big mural where all of us, that is, the students from Comenius are putting the photos of our trips. In this picture you can see some photos of Stratford, Palermo, Tampere and Málaga.


  1. Hey, Hi! I am your Physics and Chemistry teacher. I am here to say GONGRATULATIONS to everyone who has worked on the project. The mural is just AWESOME!!! Everytime i pass by when going to lessons I cannot help sytaying in front of it for a while to enjoy and pleasure my eyes.The pics are just great and through them you can see the fascinating experience you all have lived. Every time that happens i say to myself, these people are wonderful and really smart.
    Keep going!!! Go for it!!! Well done!!!!

  2. Hi teacher! Thank you, very very much for your comment.It is gorgeous and superb. It's funny becuase I also look the comenius mural when I pass in front of it. And it also brings me fantastic memories becasue of that I could meet new friends and find new cultures.

    Thanks again, Livia